Sustainability Ventures Group provides one-on-one coaching sessions for businesses that focus on sustainability as a key part of their mission. The coaching includes a range of modules that cover financial, business model, and business performance with a review of best practices and goal setting in each area.

The coaching work is conducted by David Van Seters at a coaching rate of $175/hour and each module can take anywhere from 15 to 30 hours to complete.  It is possible to mix and match modules to best meet your specific needs.

Business model review and financial projections with performance goals – 30 hrs

  • Review of financial performance last 12 months
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Business model review
  • Financial projections development
  • Performance goals

Investment package development – 30 hrs

  • Review of financials and development of financial performance summary
  • Capital table preparation/updating
  • Investment brief preparation
  • Financing term sheet preparation
  • Investment slide deck preparation

Acquisition or divestment strategy support – 30 hrs

This module is for companies wanting to acquire a company or sell off a company division

  • High level determination of value of company or division
  • Review of comparable selling prices for similar companies or divisions
  • Preparation of Letter of Intent outlining key terms of deal
  • Negotiation of key deal terms in conjunction with business owner
  • Preparation of draft Purchase and Sale Agreement (subject to lawyer review and approval)

Market research and strategy development – 20 – 30 hrs

  • Assessment of size of market for the business and addressable portion
  • Analysis of key customers
  • Development of market positioning for firm relative to competition
  • Identification of unique selling propositions
  • Review and recommendations on branding, tag lines and key messaging
  • Review of social media and online marketing
  • Development of key marketing strategies

Organizational structure and staff performance review – 15 – 20 hrs

  • Review of current organizational structure and identification of gaps
  • Review of job descriptions and new job postings
  • Review of compensation structure and recommendations for improvement
  • Selection of stock options plans, performance bonus programs and/or profit sharing.
  • Review of staff performance issues and recommendations on how to resolve them
  • Support in establishing/updating board of directors, boards of advisors and so on.

Operational review and recommendations – 15 -20 hrs

  • High level review of operations, including facilities, hours of operation, work flows
  • Evaluation of current facilities, and assessment of potential new facilities/locations
  • Evaluation of supply chain and major equipment purchases
  • Evaluation of current work flows and recommendations for improvement

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) review – 15 – 20 hrs

  • Evaluation of current CSR performance
  • Strategies to improve environmental performance
  • Strategies to improve social performance
  • Strategies to communicate CSR performance to internal and external audiences

Business plan review and updating – 30 hrs

  • Review of current business plan
  • Strategy session(s) with leadership team to consider changes to business plan
  • Update industry overview, operational plan, marketing strategy, staffing and management plan, CSR plan, and Financial Plan
  • Business plan summary preparation

I have also conducted workshops and training programs at City University, at the SFU Community Economic Development Program, and the UBC Executive MBA program.